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Veteran Recruiter Training

For Experienced Recruiters

(Two Day Recruiter Training)

Call (415) 230-5398 for Location
and Dates TODAY!


Special Pricing:
$497 / includes both days + Lunches



This Program is designed to assist already Existing Executive Recruiting Firms or Individual Recruiters. You will learn how to "Grow Your Client List and Sell Your Candidates"

"Grow Your Client List and Sell Your Candidates"

Step 1:      Choosing Your Clients
Step 2:      Marketing to Your Current Clients
Step 3:      Know Your Clients
Step 4:      Client Management
Step 5:      The Extra Touch – keep Clients thinking
about YOU
Step 6:      How to get Referrals from both Clients
and Candidates
Step 7:      Setting Goals
Step 8:      Monitoring your Progress via Forms
Step 9:      Coaching Your Candidates to Get the Job
Step 10:    Interviewing Secrets
Step 11:    The Most Popular Questions during
an Interview
Step 12:    How to Write a Professional Resume
Step 13:    How to Prepare an Effective Cover Letter

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