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Learn From The Expert

Delegate to the Expert

(12 Weeks)

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Special Pricing:  $7500



This Program is designed to work with Existing Recruiter Firm Owners and/or Managers.

If you are too busy to train your Recruiters, new or old, call me today;  I can and will make your life easier.  Take it from a Successful Recruiter who is still in the trenches, on a daily basis, and train with the best!


What this Program provides for you:

•  Allowing up to 3 of your Recruiters to be trained throughout this program
•  Free admittance to both the 2 day programs/classes of

   (1) Recruiter Boot Camp and (2) Veteran Recruiter Training ($3000 value for FREE)
•  Motivating your Recruiters
•  Setting Goals and Achieving them
•  How to make 2-4 placements per month in any economy
•  Choosing Your Clients/Client Management
•  One-on-One Coaching calls on a weekly basis at an hour increment
•  15 minute crash calls for emergencies
•  Unlimited E-coaching
•  Free teleseminars/webinars unlimited during your program
•  Group training calls
•  And most of all, COACH YOU!

What your Recruiters will take away with them:

•  Tangible tools that can be used immediately
•  How to choose and market to your target market
•  How to make 2-4 placements per month​

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