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Tweak It or Lose It

Don't Lose It!

(12 Weeks)

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Special Pricing:  $3000



This Program is designed to assist already Existing Executive Individual Recruiters.

If you are struggling along and not making enough placements and can’t figure out why; you should be working with an Expert and being mentored by someone who can help you Tweak It before you Lose It! If you have become complacent and don’t know what other successful recruiters are doing to continue to be successful – you need this program.


What this Program provides for you:

•  Setting Goals and achieving them
•  How to make 2-4 placements per month in any economy
•  Choosing Your Clients
•  Client Management
•  The Extra Touch – Keep your client thinking about YOU
•  Monitoring your progress via Forms
•  One-on-One Coaching calls on a weekly basis at an hour increment
•  15 minute crash calls for emergencies
•  E-coaching
•  Free teleseminars/webinars unlimited during your program
•  Free admittance to both the 2 day programs/classes of

   (1) Recruiter Boot Camp and (2) Veteran Recruiter Training ($1000 value for FREE)
•  And most of all, COACH YOU!

What your Recruiters will take away with them:

•  Tangible tools that can be used immediately
•  How to choose and market to your target market
•  How to make 2-4 placements per month​

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