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Recruiter Boot Camp

For Rookies

(Two Day Recruiter Training)

Call (415) 230-5398 for Location
and Dates TODAY!


Special Pricing:
$497 / includes both days + Lunches



This Program is designed for New Recruiters, or Wannabee Recruiters with no experience whatsoever

You will Learn everything from “Job Order to Placement” in these 2 days of Intensive Recruiter Training;

Steps 1 -12.


​Step 1:      How to Take a Job Order
Step 2:      Type Up Your Questionnaire/Checklist
Step 3:      Searching Your Databases
Step 4:      How to Write an Ad
Step 5:      How to Post an Ad
Step 6:      Reviewing/Visually Scanning the Resumes
Step 7:      Set Up and Conduct Interviews
Step 8:      Pre-Qualifying Candidates
Step 9:      Reference Checks
Step 10:    Booking the Interview
Step 11:    Client/Candidate Follow up
Step 12:    You Made the Placement – now what?

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