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Open Your Own Recruiting Firm

Realize Your Dreams (6 Months)

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Special Pricing:  $12,000



This program is to show you/train you on how to Build Your Own Home Based Recruiting Firm and be Successful at It!


Coach Carver will provide you with the knowledge, the skills, the motivation, enthusiasm, and discipline, to start your own home based business and connect you with already existing job orders, so you won’t have to do all the work yourself.

Coach Carver will set you up in business and will not only train you in your new career, but also to be successful at it. This will be a 6 figure income within 12-18 months depending on your drive, ambition, and desire to be successful. You MUST be disciplined to work from a home office or prepared to rent a commercial office so you are motivated to get up each morning to go do the work! Coach Carver will motivate you to do so. We will be setting goals.

Coach Carver started her first Legal Staffing Firm in the Fall of 1993 in West Palm Beach, Florida. She had no funds or business loan to do so; she started her business on a “shoestring”; and worked concurrently for a law firm full time while making placements in other law firms. She had no business loans, no savings, nothing but her weekly paycheck to be able to pay her employees. It was tough; however, several years later, she sold it and moved across the United States to San Francisco, CA and did it again! If Coach Carver can do it – You can do it! With her help of course! Call today and let’s get started!

Listen to Your COACH CARVER! She has done it; she is doing it; call the MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE about starting a business, running it, owning it, and making incredible money! This is your lucky day!


•  Designing a name for your business
•  Guidance on setting up a dba (doing business as)
•  Getting your business license
•  Guidance on how to handle your money, aka business

   account, bookkeeping, etc.
•  Setting up a website
•  Setting up an email account
•  Setting up social media for your business
•  Assist you in determining your target market
•  Train you on “how to write and post an ad”
•  Train you to “read and review a resume”

•  Train you on how to “qualify a candidate”
•  Train you on how to “prepare for an interview”
•  Train you on “how to conduct an interview”
•  How to close a deal
•  How to communicate with your clients
•  How to communicate with your candidates
•  Workers Compensation if you are working with temps or temps-perm
•  Employment Taxes
•  The need for a CPA for tax planning and financial management
•  And most of all, COACH YOU!

 What this Program provides for you:

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