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About the President/CEO

Melissa A. Carver​

Melissa A. Carver, President/CEO of Law Tyme, Inc. is also known as “Coach
Carver” to many people and clients.

Best known for her leadership, teaching, and educating techniques, an ear to listen
and assess any given situation with analytical ease, Melissa Carver is easily
approachable and is ready to meet and greet any challenge you may bring her way.
Meet Melissa Carver - a successful business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, author,
and most of all a great coach and mentor!

The following are some of the testimonials given:

“Coach Carver has literally changed my life. She has guided me on the path to chase my own dreams, and now my dreams are turning into reality.” – D. Bollino

“I have been working with Coach Carver for about two years now. She is high energy and all about your success, but at the same time, a very compassionate person who is truly interested in seeing you achieve your dreams. She is now a major part of my life and if we don’t meet on a regular basis, I start having withdrawals! Thank you Coach Carver for all that you are!! – D. Kauffman

“Coach Carver is a savvy visionary that “shoots from the hip” when Success is her target. I am grateful for all she has taught me.” – James Buchanan

“If you want a Business Coach that can take you to another level, Melissa is the one for you. She is a big thinker with a creative process. I highly recommend her if you want to raise YOUR bar.” – Patricia Noel Drain

“I have known Melissa “Coach Carver” for over 10 years. To say it has been an absolute pleasure would not be saying enough. Every time we meet, I come away with a positive feeling and know my time was well spent. She conducts her business in a true professional manner, knows her field of expertise in and out, has an eye to detail in everything about her, and is eager to learn more to become the best she can be. Melissa is a delight to be with professionally and socially, and I am glad to
call her my friend.” – Edward Sotello

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